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When it comes to something as important as your heating you need to know that it is in safe hands. We have 30 years experience as heating engineers, not only fitting but servicing and repairing.

So many engineers have a "pot luck" approach to heating breakdowns, we don't, we have not only the knowledge but also the equipment to accurately diagnose a fault quickly, this means you will probably pay less as you will not be paying for wrong diagnosis or costly mistakes.

When we service your heating we not only check your boiler for safety but we also check its efficiency, the oil system from the tank to the appliances, we check the condition of your heating water and add a corrosion inhibitor (typically Fernox) if required, we will provide you with a printout of your gas systems safety, your boilers performance and on combination boilers your boilers hot water performance.

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We manage a database of all our clients service due dates and will contact you by e-mail, letter, text or telephone depending on you preference. Maintenance is always cheaper than repair.

Within our database we also keep accurate details of the gas appliances and controls in your home, this means in the unfortunate event of a breakdown we will be able on many occasions bring the part with us or it will enable us to locate the part quicker.

Should your heating breakdown we will always get to you on the same day as your call, your call will be answered by a human and you will not be asked to press 2 for operator or 5 for help, just good, old fashioned, customer care.


Changing your old boiler to save £££'s

Changing your old boiler could save you 20% off of your oil bill, add this to our 5 year warranty on all Grant boilers installed by us the time taken to pay back the cost of a new boiler could be less than 7 years, and as oil prices rise this will be reduced further.

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Energy efficient controls and a look at your home insulation and draught proofing will increase your energy efficiency even further, with modern "weather compensation" controls we can save up to another 5% on your fuel bill. Please call us for free advise.


We install complete systems

We also install complete new heating systems, we understand that the thought of carpets being lifted and floors being taken up can be a scary prospect, but we can assure you that we operate with minimal mess, taking care of your home and belongings, always using clean dust sheets and protectors, an average full heating system is installed in under a week.

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