Plumbing Terminology


Air Lock

A problem that occurs when air becomes trapped in pipe-work where, due to the layout, it cannot escape naturally. This usually results in little or no flow through the pipe.


All in one power shower

A product that houses a pump and some form of integrated shower control. This type of shower needs a low pressure cistern fed supply of stored hot and cold water.


Automatic (Auto) Air Vent

A mechanical device that includes an integral float that automatically releases air when the water level drops within it. This type of vent is normally fitted at the highest point of a plumbing system to release trapped air.



Back Siphoning

The reverse flow (backflow) of liquid caused by siphonage from an appliance or cistern into the pipe feeding it, which can lead to a contamination of the water supply.


Back to wall pan
A style of bathroom furniture that is specially designed to support the WC pan, conceal the cistern, hide the pipe-work, and create additional storage space. This can look very streamlined and can be an effective and economical use of space in a small bathroom.

The term may also be used to describe a bidet or WC in which the cistern and/or pipework is concealed behind a wall.


A valve that is used to control the flow of water into a cistern or tank. The ballcock is controlled by a float on the surface of the water in the cistern. becoming more common (float valve)

More terminology to come, Please feel free to make a request