The Concept

Conventional solar heating systems circulate water through glass panels to collect heat from the sun. These
systems are inefficient at low temperatures and do not work at all during hours of darkness.
The Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy system is different. It is capable of taking energy from the
atmosphere at temperatures as low as -15O
C and it also works at night. Thermodynamic does this by utilising
a refrigerant gas and reverse refrigeration technology.
Thermodynamic is capable of extracting sufficient warmth to heat a building to a comfortable temperature
even on the coldest winter nights.

Boiler being repaired

  • How it works

    • 1. Aluminium Panels
      Refrigerant fluid circulates through the panels and absorbs heat energy from the atmosphere. This increase in
      temperature changes the fluid into a gas.
      2. Compressor
      The gas then passes through a compressor and the temperature increases  
    • 3. Hot Water Cylinder
      The hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger in the Thermodynamic Block which transfers the heat into the
      water, which can be used for sanitary hot water, space heating or larger applications such as swimming pools.
      4. Expansion Valve
      The gas then passes through an expansion valve, reverts back to a liquid and flows back to the panels to
      repeat the process.

    image showing heat being gathered from rain, sun, light and dark

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