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Frozen condensate pipes

During recent winters the UK has experienced prolonged spells of extremely cold weather – down to minus 20°C and below in many areas. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of calls to boiler manufacturers and heating engineers from householders with condensing (high efficiency) boilers where the condensate drainage pipe had frozen and become blocked with ice, causing the boiler to shut down. In the vast majority of cases such problems occur where the condensate drainage pipe is located externally to the building for some part of its length.

British Standards, Building Regulations and boiler manufacturers' installation instructions currently allow condensate drainage pipes to be located either internally or externally, or a combination of these. These documents give guidance on how to install the condensate drainage pipes in order to reduce the possibility of freezing. However this guidance may not be sufficient to prevent freezing in extreme conditions of the type recently experienced in the UK – with widespread and prolonged very low temperatures.

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