For every boiler installed we have committed to planting a tree!

As part of our pledge to become a more sustainable business we are always looking for ways to improve and have a more positive impact upon our environment.  We have chosen to help plant more trees in the National Forest here in the UK also known as the ‘lungs of England’.

The National Forest have nearly reached their target of 9 million trees planted and we look forward to helping them achieve this as these trees will benefit wildlife and people for generations to come.

Our lovely clients have the option to chose from the below 6 different types of trees that are offered by the National forest:

Oak: The oak provides a great habitat for wildlife, many utilise the falling acorns as a food source

Lime: Lime trees are great for insects and birds to thrive and is a firm favorite with the honey bees

Hazel: A tree know for its yellow autumnal leaves, providing shelter to the insects on the ground

Silver Birch: The silver birch creates the ideal conditions for the foliage and flowers to grow from the forest floor in its surrounding areas

Rowan: The ever changing Rowan provides a food source by the way of fruit to the local wildlife and can have a life span of up to 200 years

Wild Cherry: This tree is a source of beauty throughout the year with its colours changing all the time marking the seasons

Our clients will also receive a certificate to commemorate the planting of the tree they have chosen, if our little company can do something for the environment hopefully this will encourage the bigger companies to notice and make a positive impact alongside us.

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